Dominik Schall, M.Sc.


Dominik Schall studied business administration at the University of Siegen from 2012 to 2015. He then continued his studies at Goethe-University in Frankfurt/Main where he also gained practical experience in the field of business taxation from both the industry and consulting perspective. He completed his master's degree in business administration with a focus on accounting at Goethe University in 2018.

Dominik Schall has been employed at Deloitte since June 2018 and is working on his doctorate as an external doctoral student at the Chair of Auditing and Accounting. His research interests focus on accounting according to the German Commercial Code (HGB).


Bilanzierung von Kundenbindungsprogrammen - Status Quo und neue Perspektiven

in: Die Wirtschaftsprüfung, 75. Jg. (2022), S. 621 - 627.