The BaccUp learning tool was developed at the Chair of Accounting, especially Management Accounting, with the aim of improving teaching in the Bachelor's course "Accounting 1" through eLearning and gamification elements. In this course the basics of cost accounting are presented and an overview of their significance and classification in the controlling context is given. In addition, important cost types are pointed out and insights into relevant methods of cost type, cost centre and cost unit accounting are given. Revenue accounting, income statements and advanced cost accounting systems are also discussed. The name of the tool consists of the abbreviation of the event (BACC) and the word "up". "Up" stands for the development of the learning performance of the students, which should be improved by using the tool. In addition, the name, which is pronounced like "backup", also refers to one of the functions of the tool: An accounting backup for your pocket. The use of BaccUp is voluntary and no extra points for the exam can be earned by collecting points in the app. The tool is available both via a web version ( and as an app in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


The core element of the app is a questionnaire with over 550 questions, which covers all nine chapters of the course. In addition to the question types single and multiple choice, there are also sorting and cloze text tasks. The app can be used in three different modes. The chapter mode can be used to answer specific questions about a single chapter. As soon as a student has mastered the questions in one chapter, the next chapter is activated. In random mode, questions are randomly selected from the chapters that have already been unlocked. In the third mode, the Weekly Challenge, users can compare themselves with other students. Here they have the opportunity to answer 25 questions randomly selected from the chapters already covered in the course once a week. The results are then displayed in a weekly and semester ranking. For good performances in the Weekly Challenge and other learning achievements, students can earn badges, which are then displayed in their account under their self-chosen user name. By answering questions (regardless of the mode), students also earn learning points and thus increase their level. The current status is indicated by a progress bar.


BaccUp was developed by Prof. Dr. Anna Rohlfing-Bastian and Julian Langenhagen in cooperation with the start-up company (Adornis Ventures UG) of a computer science student at Goethe University. The development was made possible by financial support from the Teaching Fund, the eLearning Fund and the Department of Economics. In the summer semester 2019 the app will be used for the first time in the course Accounting 1. The app is to serve both to improve teaching and to produce research findings on the use of such learning support and, in particular, on the gamification elements used.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this project, please contact us by e-mail at:  baccup[at]its.uni-frankfurt[dot]de