Basically you can imagine BaccUp as a digital learning box. There are over 550 questions you can learn about all nine chapters of Accounting 1. When you master a question, the so-called Skill Level Indicator (SLI) increases, which tells you how well you know a question. If you master a question, i.e. the SLI is at 100%, you won't see it again (in chapter mode). However, the SLI drops again over time to indicate that you might forget the content of the question. This means that the question will be displayed over time to check if you have still learned and understood its content.

The event is divided into the following nine chapters:

1. Cost and revenue accounting as part of corporate accounting

2. Basic concepts of cost and revenue accounting

3. Cost element accounting

4. Cost center accounting

5. Calculation

6. Activity-Based-Costing (Activity-Based Costing)

7. Income statement

8. Break even analysis

9. Cost and revenue information for operational decisions

There are three different modes in BaccUp:

  • Random mode: In this mode, questions are randomly selected from the chapters you have already unlocked.
  • Chapter mode: In this mode you can select a chapter and get the questions from that chapter that you are not 100% familiar with.
  • Weekly Challenge: In this mode you have once a week the opportunity to answer 25 questions randomly selected from the chapters already covered in the lecture and to compare yourself with other students in the ranking.

In this mode you have once a week the opportunity to answer 25 questions randomly selected from the chapters already covered in the lecture and to compare yourself in the ranking with other students.

In BaccUp you can earn badges for various learning achievements. For example, there are badges for a certain number of answered questions or for perfect runs in the Weekly Challenges. The badges will then be displayed under your username on the home screen. The next badge to be reached in each category will be grayed out.

You receive learning points for answering questions. For a correct answer you get 50 LP and for a wrong answer you get 10 LP. There are also learning points for wrong answers, as this will also help you progress in your learning process. You can collect learning points in all three modes (Random, Chapter and Weekly Challenge).

There are four different question types in BaccUp:

  • Single Choice: Here is exactly one answer right.
  • Multiple Choice: Here is either none, one or more answers correct.
  • Sorting tasks: Here you have to sort the elements according to the task correctly.
  • Gap text/number: Here you have to enter either a word or a number into the corresponding gap.

No, it's not case-sensitive. However, other spelling mistakes lead to a wrong answer.

This is the so-called Skill Level Indicator. It increases when you answer a question correctly, but decreases when you answer it incorrectly and over time. This is to show that it is possible that even if you master a question perfectly today, you may not remember its content in a week or later. Therefore, the way the Skill Level Indicator works will encourage you to repeat the question at a later point in time.

To unlock the next chapter, you must be 100% proficient in the previous chapter.

When you're in a quiz, you can simply walk out of the app and use your smartphone's calculator, then return to the app.

The app only conveys contents that are also covered in the lecture, the exercise or the mentories.

No, for the performance in the app there are no extra points in the exam.

No, BaccUp was designed to complement the event and is not intended to replace lectures, exercises or mentoring.