Courses in the Summer Term 2023

Information about the courses offered by the Chair for Accounting, especially Management Accounting in the Summer Term 2023 can be found here.

In case of any questions, please contact the following persons:

Accounting 1 (BACC)Lisa Knacker
Topics in Cost and Management Accounting (TCMA)Leah Matzner
Performance Measurement, Incentives, and Executive Compensation (PIEC)Erika Bognar
Prüfung internationaler Konzernabschlüsse (PIKA)Theresa Anton
Advanced Accounting 2 (AAC2)Anna Rohlfing-Bastian
Archival Research in Accounting – Writing, Publishing, and Presenting your Own Research (PSEM)Anna Rohlfing-Bastian
Market-Based Research in Accounting (TAC)Anna Rohlfing-Bastian