Overview of Courses

On this page you find an overview of the courses offered at the Chair for Management Accounting as well as the information whether the course will be offered in the Summer Term or Winter Term. For the specific plan of each semester, please refer to the medium-term course plan of the Accounting Department.

For specific information on the courses please refer to the pages labelled "Courses SoSe/WiSe..." in the navigation bar on the left (SoSe = Summer Term, WiSe = Winter Term).

Course Title Program Winter Summer
Accounting 1 Bachelor x x
Accounting Information and Cost Management Bachelor x
Bachelor Seminar "Topics in Cost and Management Accounting" Bachelor x
Controlling und Kostenanalyse Master x
Performance Measurement, Incentives, and Executive Compensation Master x
Master Seminar "Selected Problems in Management Accounting Research" Master x
Master Seminar "Economics of Accounting" Master x
Theory of Performance Measurement PhD x
Seminar for Post-Graduates in “Accounting & Organization” PhD x