Bachelor Thesis

For the application of a bachelor thesis you have to follow the application procedure required by the examination regulation. You can find the information about the procedure and the rule deadlines on the pages of the examination office.

The formal requirements for academic works at the Chair of Accounting, especially Management Control can be found here.


The registration for the bachelor thesis has to be done via the examination office. A start of your thesis is possible during the whole corresponding semester in which you received a bachelor thesis working place via QIS. For starting your bachelor thesis, please send two subject preferences and your preferred start date to Theresa Anton (sekretariat-bormann[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de).

These are the following subject areas for the bachelor thesis at the Chair of Accounting, especially Management Control:

  1. Incentives (- and Personality)
  2. Target Setting
  3. Executive Compensation
  4. Relative Performance Feedback
  5. Natural Language Processing in Accounting
  6. The Interplay between Internal and External Information Environments
  7. ESG Practices and Regulation

After having sent your preferences and your preferred start date your tutor will contact you to determine the subject of your bachelor thesis in a personal meeting. In this appointment the assignment form of the examination office will be filled in with your data, which has to be handed in to the examination office within the deadlines of the examination office. The processing time of 9 weeks begins the following day.

Please note that if you wish to start during the semester break (especially August/September and March), it may not be possible to schedule appointments at short notice due to research visits, scientific conferences or vacation.

Assignment of Places

We have no influence on the assignment of places. This is organized by the examination office via QIS. If the reservation of a place is not possible via QIS then all capacities are booked out. Unfortunately, mentoring beyond these capacities is not possible.