Information about the specialization area Accounting & Information Management

"Accounting & Information Management" is one of the three specialization areas of the Master of Science in Management degree program offered since the winter semester 2008/2009. The other specialization areas are "Finance & Information Management" and "Finance & Accounting".

There are a number of good reasons to decide for a Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration majoring in "Finance & Accounting" at Goethe University. Our University has always been among the most prestigious universities in this field in Germany. The Accounting Department includes five full-time chairs. Thus the Goethe University has one of the largest accounting departments in the German-speaking world. The Department of Finance has ten full-time chairs. Furthermore, both departments have numerous honorary professors and guest lecturers, who complement the curriculum.

The Accounting Department enjoys in the research an excellent reputation. The scientists publish books and articles about normative and interpretive problems of accounting, taxation and business valuation, about empirical, capital-market-oriented issues of accounting, as well as formal and conceptual works on internal corporate accounting. The close contact of the University to firms from the financial services and information management industries, which are located in Frankfurt, the banking centre, makes precisely this major field of study so interesting for prospective students. Students can combine theory and practical experience not only in the courses of external professors and lecturers, but also in the context of numerous practical lectures, workshops, fireside evenings and other events. In addition, several companies also offer financial support opportunities for students. In this way the building of an individual network succeeds quickly and effectively.

Nowadays strategic management decisions require professional information and communication systems. Due to its interdisciplinary specialization area, the MSM program offers professional higher education in the fields of accounting and information management. The Master of Science in Management degree provides students the opportunity to develop the requisite knowledge and skills for success in a variety of positions. Individuals who earn an M.S. in Management degree are typically employed in the following kinds of organizations and fields:

• Financial field

• Banking sector

• IT/Software companies

• Consulting companies

• Telecommunication and Media companies

• IT departments within organizations

• Chambers and trade associations

The program enables students to analyze business processes and optimize strategic decision-making by designing adequate IT solutions.

The innovative combination of management and information technology, the high flexibility in the choice of classes and the program's opportunity of an individual plan of study provide excellent career opportunities.

More information about the master's program can be found on the page of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.