Accounting Research Seminar of Goethe University and Frankfurt School


Some seminars have been Part of the TRR 266 Seminar Series (funded by the DFG, see details below).

Date Speaker Topic
09 Oct 2019 Christian Leuz (Booth Chicago) - Part of the TRR 266 Seminar Series Internalizing Externalities: Disclosure Regulation for Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids and Water Quality
17 Oct 2019 Xiao-Jun Zhang (Berkeley Haas) - Part of the TRR 266 Seminar Series Financial Leverage and Expected Stock Returns
07 Nov 2019 Joachim Gassen (HU Berlin) Exploring the Accrual Landscape by Open Science
11 Nov 2019 Ryan Ball (University of Michigan) Mixed Data Sampling
05 Dec 2019 Konrad Stahl (Universität Mannheim) Trust, Investment and Competition: Theory and Evidence from German Car Manufacturers
12 Nov 2020 Jonas Heese (Harvard Business School) - Part of the TRR 266 Seminar Series Does industry employment of active regulators compromise oversight?
28 Jan 2021 Maximilian Muhn (Chicago Booth) - Part of the TRR 266 Seminar Series The Certification Role of Company Awards for Private Firms
22 Apr 2021 Christopher Williams (University of Michigan) Strategic Syndication: Is Bad News Shared in Loan Syndicates?
06 May 2021 Jochen Pierk (Erasmus University Rotterdam) Public Peers, Accounting Comparability, and Value Relevance of Private Firms’ Financial Reporting
02 Dec 2021 Markus Arnold (University of Bern) Ignorance is Bliss: Effects of Real Earnings Management by Rank-and-File Employees and the Role of Managers
16 Dec 2021 Oliver Binz (INSEAD) Investment, Inflation, and the Role of Internal Information Systems as a Transmission Channel