Master Thesis

The assignment of the Master Thesis at the Chair of Accounting, especially Financial Accounting and Corporate Governance is done centrally within the department. Please find the relevant information for the application procedure here.

The formal requirements for scientific works at the Chair of Accounting, especially Financial Accounting and Corporate Governance can be accessed here.

The assignment of the places takes place after the closing date for applications. If you receive a place at the Chair of Accounting, especially Financial Accounting and Corporate Governance you will be informed by email. You have to confirm that you accept the place within the deadline of the department. This place can be claimed during the semester (in summer term until 30th September and in winter term until 31st March). If it is not claimed until the end of the semester it expires and you have to reapply to receive a place.

To start with the master thesis please send an email to Theresa Anton (sekretariat-hombach[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de) three to four weeks before your favoured start date by indicating the topics you are interested in.  You can get further information about possible subject areas concerning our main research at this link. The responsible advisor will get back to you with a suggestion for a first meeting. During this meeting you will discuss the subject and methodology of the master thesis. Please take the assignment form compiled by the examination office with you. It remains at the chair until your final registration for the master thesis.

After the first meeting you have two weeks time to define the subject of your work in agreement with your advisor. After the two weeks you retrieve the completed and signed assignment form from your advisor and have to give it to the examination office at the next possible office hour. The processing time of your master thesis is defined in the applicable examination regulations and starts on the day following the final registration at the examination office. The subsequent procedure (submission, assessment, etc.) is also defined in the corresponding examination regulations.

Please note that a short-term scheduling of a meeting may not be possible if you wish to start your master thesis during the semester breaks (especially August/September and March) because of research visits, scientific conferences or vacation.